Creating a school culture where teaching and learning thrive!

– Here is a list of resources grounded in research informed effective practices that will help create school cultures where classrooms thrive.

  • This short blog on 10 tips for new teachers from the Deputy Head Jonathan Porter at Michaela Community School in Wembley, London is GOLD –

  • This 10 post blog round up on Behaviour from Tom Sherrington contains so much wisdom

  • This is a podcast where Darren Leslie interviews Barry Smith a founding leader at Michaela School, about Transforming School Culture

And this from a Charter Teacher on How Teaching Manners Transformed The School

  • Adam Boxer’s blog on the negative participatory effect of calling out answers in a class “A student who puts their hand up and calls out the answer – on the face of it this isn’t really that bad, it’s not like they are deliberately trying to disturb your lesson. But disturbing it is, and it kills your class (participation) Ratio.”
  • Watch Adam Boxer deliver this wonderfully helpful video titled Setting Students up to Succeed that utilises techniques from the books Teach Like a Champion and Get Better Faster

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